Overall app navigation

This is found running along the bottom off the app.

Library: Download and access KWL Digital Folios

Account: Manage your details and credentials

How To: A visual guide for the interactivity of the folios

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about KWL Digital




The button in the top left corner is used to Sign in/ Out.

The cog in the right corner is used to remove issues and restore purchases.

All available folios for download will be marked with a button (once signed in).

Tap the book thumbnails to view downloaded folios.



"Update personal details" - update Given name, Sir name and email address.

"Change my account password" - update your account password.

"Take me to the Library..." - redirects you back to the library.

"Sign out of my account" - logs you out of KWL Digital app.


How to

This is an overview of the different interactive and navigation aspects within a KWL Folio.



Frequent questions about KWL Digital, including content, trouble shooting and subscriptions .